Andrea Drever, ACD/Copywriter

Andrea Drever, ACD/Copywriter

Direct Response

A few direct pieces I’ve done. I like working on direct, so tactile.

The new Civic campaign was based on the fact that CIVIC is a palindrome. It is spelled the same way forward and backward. To support the campaign, we created this little flip book that read front to back, and back to front.

This video contains two pieces.

S2000: We were launching the Honda S2000, our first real sportscar, and wanted to send consumers something cool. The car has an “Engine Start” button, so we based this piece on that. It won a 1st place International Caples Award. And, a few of these DM pieces were auctioned off by consumers on ebay, which I found pretty flattering.

CR-V: The CR-V had been out for a few years, and we wanted to bump up sales. But how? The car didn’t get the best mileage in its class. Or have the most storage capacity. Or carry the most passengers. But, unlike other small SUVs, it was good at all those things. So we created this “badge” piece based on that. It also won a Caples Award.

We created this for the launch of the Honda Fit. The Fit is a tiny car, but is amazingly versatile. Its seats fold so many different ways that you can carry a bike, surfboard, grandfather clock. It’s like your stuff gets smaller. So, we positioned it as a “Super Cargo Shrinker.” Included in the piece were Shrinky Dinks that people could cut out and put in the oven.

We also had fit launch parties at MOCA and other venues, and hosted Shrinky Dink bars, where the cool kids could color and cook their own dinks.

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